Things To Do In Oahu

Alooooha! Oahu is probably one of my favourite vacation spots - below I've outlined a few key things you need to do while you're on the island!

The Byodo-In Temple - Valley of the Temples Memorial Park


The Byodo-In Temple was established on June 7, 1968, to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. It's a smaller-scale replica of the over 950-year-old Byodo-in Temple in Uji, Japan. The non-practicing Buddhist temple is perfect for meditating or appreciating the gorgeous view. The huge temple, bamboo forest and stone pathways make this place a great spot for Instagram shots. 

Polynesian Cultural Centre Luau 


Learn as much as you can about the Pacific Islands from the Polynesian Cultural Centre! There's so much information here and they present it to you in such a fun way. We spent the entire day here exploring the grounds, enjoying a luau and then watching the fire show. 

Dole Plantation


All aboard the Pineapple Express! Pineapple ice cream topped with freshly diced pineapple. Need I say more? 

Beaches (duh)


I meannnn, you can't go to Hawaii and not visit any beaches. A few good ones would be Waikiki, the North Shore, Hanauma Bay and Kailua beach. You can see some killer sunsets on Waikiki, catch some massive waves on the North Shore, and snorkel at Hanauma Bay.



So many hiking options in Hawaii! The Pillbox hike is an awesome hike. We tried going for a sunrise hike, but it turned out to be a pretty overcast morning. Check the weather beforehand before waking up early to do this hike! I thought it was pretty tough, but I'm also not the healthiest human. After the ~30 minute hike, you reach these pillbox guard posts that are covered in graffiti. You get an amazing view from the top!

An easier hike option is Diamond Head. The trail takes you along a massive crater, once you get to the top, you get an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and Honolulu. The entire hike is around 1.5-2 hours. 



If you find yourself on Oahu, you HAVE to go to Manoa falls. It's probably one of my favourite places. You're transported into another world as soon as you start the hike. So much beautiful greenery, and then the sweetest waterfall at the end of the hike. The entire hike took maybe an hour. Waimea falls is another one to visit. You're allowed to swim in the water too! 

Have you ever been to Oahu? I would LOVE to hear your recommendations for places to see in the comments below!